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With the latest manufacturing gil sales, nvidia GeForce GTX760 CARDS become numerous assembled PC platform of buy cheap fut coins choice for consumers in the end.Recommended for everybody today small make up a SuoTai buy cheap fut coins version – 2 gd5 bang HA graphics.Currently the SuoTai GTX760 version – 2 gd5 bang buy cheap fut coins graphics in merchants Mellon, DIY stores, its stores offer was only 1799 yuan, the price is favorable, worth to buy.
Build quality, SuoTai GTX760-2 gd5 bang version based on 28 nm process gil sales on the HA, Kepler GK104 graphic core of architecture design.The graphics card has 1152 stream processors, 32 ROPs units and 96 texture units.Perfect support DirectX 11 games special effects, gil sales, PhysX physics acceleration, SLI interconnection gil sales such as double card.
Power supply, SuoTai GTX760 version – 2 gd5 bang HA USES non-public version of PCB design, the core and memory power supply part adopts independent power supply scheme, components using solid-state capacitors and fully enclosed inductance, supplemented by 6 + 6 pin external power supply interface, for the stable operation of the graphics and overclocking provide sufficient guarantee.buy cheap fut coins ways, the graphics card USES the double 9 cm big fan, combined with intelligent control, can be both quiet and thermal efficiency.At the same time, this kind of video card also carry SuoTai Eclean easy removal gil sales, different from traditional way of dust removal, SuoTai Eclean slide easy removal gil sales adopted a disassembly method, a key to achieve can remove, fast and dust removal.