6 new mental health benefits and resources for Amazon employees

Amazon is introducing new mental health benefits for employees, their families and households as part of its comprehensive benefits package, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting employee mental health. Employees in the United States will have access to additional mental health resources and benefits slated for full launch in early 2023, expanding globally in the coming months.

Among the new benefits, which add to Amazon’s existing suite of mental health training and resources, employees are now eligible to receive five free counseling sessions, per topic, per year. Employees can now also access 24/7 mental health care through a new partnership with the Twill app. Amazon employees who enroll in a health plan will also see expanded tools through Brightline to help their children and teens meet daily challenges.

“Mental health is important to everyone and it impacts each of us differently. We invent and build every day on behalf of employees to ensure they all have access to mental health resources that work for them,” said Dr. Chris DeCou, licensed clinical psychologist and head of global behavioral health at Amazon. “With our size and scale, we are compelled to help solve the global mental health crisis. Our expanded benefits underscore Amazon’s continued commitment to providing world-class mental health resources to all employees and to their families.

The benefits of being an Amazon employee don’t end with working with great people or bringing smiles to our customers every day. Amazon continues to make the mental health of its employees a top priority, which is evidenced by the following offerings:

More free counseling sessions through the Global Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees are now eligible to receive five free counseling sessions, per issue each year, through Amazon’s Global EAP beginning in January 2023. Global EAP was introduced in 2022 and ensures that Amazon employees and their families have access to mental health resources, including self-guided resources. programs, mental health coaching and virtual counseling, in addition to long-standing benefits such as free counseling and career support.

24/7 access to care through the Twill Therapeutics program

Employees can now also access 24/7 mental health care through a new app partnership Serge—a digital, self-guided mental health program. Twill also offers mood tracking, science-based games, and activities designed to help employees and their family members overcome negative thoughts, build confidence, and manage stress. Twill allows you to address mental health issues as they arise and can be used as an addition to your daily wellness routine. It’s free for Amazon employees and their family or household members, and it’s completely confidential.

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Improved resources to support children’s mental health

Getting the right mental health care for your children can be difficult. In fact, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in five children has a diagnosed behavioral health need and that 80% do not receive the right care. To help meet this need, Amazon has partnered with Light line, a leading provider of virtual mental health support for children and adolescents. Amazon employees in the United States who are enrolled with dependents covered by Premera Blue Cross or Aetna now have additional support for the day-to-day mental health issues faced by many children and adolescents.

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Partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

As part of our efforts to connect employees to local mental health resources, Amazon is launching a new partnership with Nami, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. The partnership will focus on creating improved access to family and peer support community services for Amazon employees, and is the result of a collaboration between Amazon’s benefits team and its group. of affinity on mental health and well-being.

Updated Mental Health Awareness Trainings

In addition to ongoing live training sessions for managers, HR teams and employees, Amazon is launching a self-guided educational module to ensure every employee knows what to do and who to turn to if they have a mental health issue. . Studies show that more than half of people with a diagnosable mental health condition in the United States go untreated. These numbers are higher for Black, Latino and Asian Americans. Amazon takes notice and launches training that leaders can use to deliver mental health awareness sessions to their organizations using standardized content that aligns with best practices and Amazon’s comprehensive suite of mental health resources .

Enhanced Global Employee Assistance Program

Amazon employees and their families outside the United States now have access to additional mental health resources, including self-guided programs, mental health coaching and virtual counseling, in addition to longstanding benefits such as free advice and work and life support in partnership with Workplace Options. . This new program was introduced in 2022 for 54 countries outside of the United States and ensures that all employees have access to the same basic mental health support, regardless of location.

These mental health and wellness benefits are part of a comprehensive suite of benefits that Amazon provides to all of its employees. These benefits include health insurance, financial benefits, paid vacations, etc. Learn more on Amazon social advantages.

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