NAFSCOB President hails Center decision

Published: Updated on – 00:21, Thu – 18 Aug 22

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Karimnagar: NAFSCOB Chairman Konduru Ravinder Rao thanked Cooperation Minister Amit Shah for accepting the suggestion made by NAFSCOB in the interests of the farmers and the financial health of the cooperative.

While attending the National Conference of Rural Cooperative Banks held in New Delhi on August 12, which was also attended by Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah, Konduru Ravinder Rao and his members demanded the resumption of the interest subsidy on short-term agriculture. loans.

Responding to the call made by the president of NAFSCOB, the cabinet of the union took the decision on Wednesday to relaunch the interest subsidy scheme for the benefit of cooperative banks.

Ravinder Rao, in a statement, said the interest subsidy would ensure the sustainability of credit flow in the agricultural sector as well as the financial health of credit institutions. This program would lead to the creation of more jobs since short-term agricultural loans are provided for all kinds of activities, including animal husbandry, dairy farming, poultry and fishing, etc., he said. -he adds.

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