‘The job isn’t done’: More black Americans need health insurance coverage and more

A health insurance survey launched by the Commonwealth Fund reveals continued protection needs for black people, regardless of current federal intervention. (Credit: Klaus Nielsen/Pexels)

by Alexa Spencer

The number of Americans living without health insurance has hit an all-time high during the pandemic due to pressure from authorities for coverage, but consultants like Sara Collins – a senior fellow at the Commonwealth Fund – say that despite these victories, “the work is not it is not done.

A recent Commonwealth survey finds that while more Americans than ever have coverage, many are struggling to afford the care they want or are in no way aligned.

“Millions of people are still uninsured,” Collins told Word In Black in a phone interview. “A lot of people have unstable coverage, so they have gaps in their insurance.”

Nearly half of American workers purchase health insurance through their employer, but – according to the survey – 29% of those with employer protection say the plans do not meet their needs.

Collins says it has a lot to do with price, that apps “can have very high deductibles, high spending limits, and that leaves people very exposed to healthcare costs when they get care.”

What are the health consequences of being underinsured?

Not having the ability to pay for an insurance plan can cause individuals to stay away from health care. 42% of survey respondents said they skipped or dropped their interview later because of the associated fees.

“Underinsured people report high rates of care delays, not receiving care when they need it,” she says. “And those who receive care report high rates of problems paying their medical bills.”

And when these payments do not receive a commission, they turn into debts that can affect an individual’s livelihood.

The medical debt crisis is particularly painful in the black neighborhood. 27% of black households have medical debt, compared to 17.2% of white households, for example.

And according to the Commonwealth survey, these unpaid payments usually tend to be sent to a distribution company. This can affect an individual’s credit ratings and prevent them from making purchases, such as buying a home.

Earlier this year, the Biden-Harris administration introduced a plan to reduce the impact of unpaid medical payments on credit and remove it as part of the mortgage approval process.

Why are so many black people uninsured?

Although the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid growth has resulted in more people getting coverage, black adults are still more likely than others to be uninsured.

Since growth began in 2014, 38 states and the District of Columbia have opted for federal funding.

However, 12 states — largely Southern states with the nation’s largest black populations — need only expand general public medical coverage for its residents.

Among them are Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia – where black mothers die at disproportionate cost and strokes are the leading cause of death.

“If these states grew, you would see a big increase in coverage rates among black adults,” Collins says.

How can more black people get coverage?

The Commonwealth Fund suggests several coverage suggestions that would meet the protection needs of the black community — including allowing states to guarantee regular eligibility for Medicaid without having to seek a federal waiver.

Additionally, the group means Congress is introducing a federal “fallback” option for Medicaid-eligible residents residing in non-expanded states. This could reduce uninsured charges for blacks in those states by 27%, according to the Urban Institute.

Collins says, “These are really minor tweaks that could really have significant effects, especially for black adults and children.”

‘The job isn’t done’: More black Americans need health insurance coverage

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‘The job isn’t done’: More black Americans need health insurance coverage

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‘The job isn’t done’: More black Americans need health insurance coverage

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